We are passionate about boxing, health, fitness and wellbeing. We pride ourselves on providing a high quality, challenging workout using proven boxing circuits and drills. Your experience on our circuit will empower you both physically and mentally, as we guide you to conquer your own personal best each time.

Accessible to anyone, starting at any level of fitness, we offer both support and challenge as you work toward your goals. You will not only build speed, stamina and strength – you will also learn the art of boxing in a positive, encouraging and friendly environment.

When you join Boxfit Brothers you become part of the Boxfit Brothers Family. Our gym is our community, and we love that every day we have the opportunity to help you to build your body and challenge your mind in a fun, safe friendly environment.

I moved to Christchurch just over a year ago and was looking for a gym that was high intensity, quick and fun. I knew I enjoyed boxing from previous classes I’ve taken and when I found Boxfit Brothers,

I found more than just the gym that met my needs, I found community.

Matt and the team are welcoming, warm and encouraging. They push you to do your best – whether you haven’t worked out in a while or you’ve been doing this for years. They keep you accountable in an uplifting and life-giving way, and they accomodate how you operate.

Since joining Boxfit Brothers, everyday I come into the gym has been challenging and fun. I’ve been able to achieve my goals and having the team celebrate with me and encourage me on that. Added bonus to the fact that I also get to finish my workout in less than an hour! 

Boxfit Brothers is not just a gym. Boxfit Brothers is community.

My name is Tomas, everybody calls me “Tom”.

I’m from Chile and I’ve been training at Boxfit Brothers for a few months now. It has been a really good experience, I have lost over 12kgs. The coaches are dedicated and professional.

The training is hard. It takes time to get used to it, but the results are incredible!

I recommend Boxfit Brothers 100%. It has all the necessary equipment and an excellent team that create a good environment not only to train in but they make the workouts enjoyable.

I’ve been training with Boxfit Brothers for nearly 2 years. I have always been a firm believer that you learn from the best and Boxfit Brothers is exactly that. Boxfit Brothers has definitely pushed me beyond limits I never thought I could work to. Boxfit Brothers is a gym where you are welcomed from the time you walk in. 

You get the highest quality of knowledge of boxing, technique, and a workout and a half, you’re always learning new techniques, combinations and I can guarantee you never walk out without a sweat on!!

Egos are left at the door and doesn’t matter what level of boxing you are at, everybody is treated the same. The gym is never short of laughter and a good time. I can honestly say that Boxfit Brothers is friends have now become family.  If you’re new or experienced, I would highly recommend Boxfit Brothers. 


Jump into our explosive boxing circuit, suitable for all fitness levels.  

Our circuit is based on traditional boxing drills and techniques while incorporating innovative strength, cardiovascular and core strengthening. In every workout you will benefit from a trainer, guiding you along and providing motivation to get the most out of yourself. You will also receive a one-on-one solid pad round with an experienced boxing trainer where you will learn footwork, technique, movement and defence. Workouts change daily to challenge participants and keep workouts exciting.

Our circuit consists of 12 stations with three-minute rounds. You will complete a fun, effective full body workout in just 40 minutes. 

No set class times means you can work out whenever it suits you. A new circuit starts every 3 minutes!

 For those who want to take their boxing skills further, we also offer one on one pad sessions, technical classes, youth classes and sparring. Just speak to one of our trainers to enquire about these options.

Feel Empowered

Relieve Stress

Develop speed, strength & stamina

Learn the science of boxing

Rapidly burn calories

Build muscle

Increase health & wellbeing


The challenge of learning the art of boxing in a motivated and encouraging environment will make you feel empowered.

Your hunger to learn more will lead to the consistent development of new skills. That is our formula for amazing results.

We are dedicated to giving you the combination of physical and mental wellbeing.


Together we bring over 40 years of fitness and boxing experience into our workouts. We have run community box-fit classes and youth programmes, as well as being involved in amateur boxing and corporate boxing events. We are passionate about the sport of boxing but just as passionate about boxing fitness and the physical and mental benefits that come with it.

Our goal as trainers is to provide a fun, safe, positive environment where you can learn the science of boxing,  improve your fitness, strength, health and wellbeing. We are here to support you to achieve your individual goals and motivate you to conquer your own personal best in every single workout.

We are committed to bettering ourselves so we can better you.


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